Andrew Otwell

Andrew Otwell is an information architect and interaction designer. Andrew earned a Master's degree in Art History at the University of Texas, where he studied Surrealist and Dada art. In 1997, he finally admitted his real interests were with digital design and the web, and so left academia. Fortunately, it turned out that the analysis of visual culture and the analysis of information for the web weren't so very incompatible, so Andrew found himself doing and teaching information architecture and interaction design in Austin, Berlin, and Seattle. His website is

Stories by Andrew Otwell

Both programming and IA are oriented towards abstraction. They both want to find patterns and rules that describe and predict. They both are concerned with handling structured content and metadata. But more often than not, IAs don’t know what’s going on with code. In this article, Andrew Otwell introduces IAs to the basic building blocks of programming.