Daniel Lafreniere

Daniel Lafrenière is a consultant, author, public speaker and teacher in the field of user experience design.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies, the Government of Québec and the City of Québec where he does user research, UI design and evaluation.

Daniel published the books "Le design Web raisonné" in 2005 and "Créez des interfaces gagnantes" in 1995.

Since 1993, Daniel has been teaching UX design in universities, in Fortune 500 corporations and at conferences such as CHI and UPA.

Daniel lives on the web at www.daniellafreniere.com

Stories by Daniel Lafreniere

Clients don’t know a thing about their users, and designers think that if they like it, everyone will. Sound familiar? Daniel Lafreniere’s 30-minute “extreme user research” plan comes to the rescue for those of us facing this exact situation. With this practical method, you can generate loads of useful data that will have a real impact on design, thus making the website more effective and profitable.