Dan Turner

Dan Turner (@ddt ) is currently a freelance-but-looking interaction designer and journalist. After a decade writing for publications ranging including Salon, the New York Times, I.D., Technology Review, MacWEEK, Nerve, Feed, and others, he took a left turn at the School of Information at UC Berkeley and dove into the world of user experience design. He finds the fields dovetail in that they both aim to first serve the user. In addition to redesigning sites and apps for large and small companies, he remains active in the public good field, helping at hackathons, volunteering with Open Oakland, and mentoring at Code for America. Collaboration, fact-checking, and learning are some of his favorite things, so please inquire within.

Stories by Dan Turner

The following is a composite of experiences I’ve had in the last year when talking with startups. Some dialog is paraphrased, some is verbatim, but I’ve tried to keep it as true as possible and not skew it towards anyone’s advantage or disadvantage. As professionals in the user-centered design world, we are trained and inclined…