Fred Leise

Fred is a taxonomy design consultant and back-of-book indexer, with experience in information architecture and user experience research. He serves as senior taxonomist for K Street Partners. He previous served as manager of the taxonomy team for the Online Business Unit of Sears Holdings Corporation. He is an indexing instructor for the University of California, Berkeley Online Extension Division and regularly presents sessions and workshops on taxonomy design and indexing. He trained as an information architect at Argus Associates and has worked with such clients as Salesforce, IGT (international gaming company), Harpo, Inc., Disney, Abbott Laboratories, Accenture,, and Hewlett-Packard.

Stories by Fred Leise

Many Web professionals consider content inventories critical parts of most projects. Are there certain specific things to look for during a content inventory? Fred Leise definitely thinks so. He proposes a set of content analysis heuristics and discusses how to utilize each one.

Indexes are important information-finding tools that can enhance usability. Site indexes provide direct, easily scannable links to meaningful, yet highly granular, chunks of content. But there’s more to them than people often assume.