Jesse James Garrett

is a founding partner of Adaptive Path, a user experience consultancy based in San Francisco. His contributions to the field of information architecture include the Visual Vocabulary, an open notation system for information architecture documentation that is now used by organizations around the world. Since 1995, Jesse has worked on Web projects for companies such as AT&T, Intel, Boeing, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, and National Public Radio. Jesse's book, "The Elements of User Experience," based on his acclaimed model illustrating the relationship between strategy and design, is forthcoming from New Riders Publishing.

Stories by Jesse James Garrett

It should come as little surprise that the basic flow of Yahoo! Mail has hardly changed at all since the portal first acquired the RocketMail service in 1997. But rather than offering an outdated solution to the web-based email problem, Yahoo! Mail demonstrates the lasting effectiveness of a simple approach.