Joe Lamantia

Joe Lamantia has been an active member and thought leader in the information architecture and user experience fields since 1996. A veteran architect, consultant, leader, and designer, Joe has worked successfully in a wide variety of industries and settings including: for-profit and non-profit organizations, startups, interactive agencies, consulting houses, system integrators, product companies, and social media. In 2000, he became an entrepreneur and started his own company.

Joe is the creator of the leading freely available tool for card sort analysis; a frequent writer and speaker on future directions in user experience, and the intersection of business, culture, design, and systems thinking; and author of the IA Building Blocks framework for portals and tile-based user experiences.

Joe is currently based in Amsterdam. He tweets as @moJoe and blogs at

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Stories by Joe Lamantia

This article is the fourth in a series sharing a design framework for dashboards and portals. In this installment, Joe Lamantia demonstrates how to connect content containers to ease navigation at all levels of the architecture.

Joe Lamantia dives deep into the components of the building block system. Each has a place in his design framework for dashboards and portals. See how you too can use these same elements in your work. (Part 3 in a series)

July 24th, 2007

Introduction to the Building Blocks

The Design Behind the System

Joe Lamantia covers the design principles underlying a building block system and the simple guidelines for combining blocks together to create any type of tile-based environment. (Part 2 in a series)

Can components come to the rescue for executive dashboards? Much like IKEA uses interchangeable islands, counters, and cupboards to create a custom kitchen, by Joe Lamantia shows how it’s possible to use a modular approach for executive dashboards.