Karen Lindemann

Karen Lindemann is a psychologist and experienced advertiser with years of experience as a writer in agencies. In 2005 she founded the user experience agency NetFlow and consulted well-known companies on the optimization of websites, products and services. Karen also advised clients on information and product strategy. In addition to standard user-centered design methods such as usability testing, expert reviews, card sorting, personas, co-creation and mental model diagrams, she also conducted ethnographic studies and deep emotional-based interviews. Karen is also active in organizing workshop on user experience-related workshops for professionals in the field. She is now working as a user experience designer for ThoughtWorks. http://www.linkedin.com/profile http://www.netflow-lindemann.de http://www.ux-workshops.com

Stories by Karen Lindemann

August 21st, 2012

Designing Screens Using Cores and Paths

Designing from the inside out

If you can place your core offering firmly at the center of your design, then all other elements in the site help both the users and the business reach their goals.

Kalbach and Lindemann show how the Core+Paths method keeps the design focused on your goals.