Marian Mota

Marian Mota is an Interaction Designer at SoftServe. He has 6 years of experience in digital and interaction design and is dedicated to creating easy to use and enticing interfaces. Marian holds a Master of Information Technology degree from Ukrainian Academy of Printing. He is extremely passionate about design and making the interaction between people and machines enjoyable and effortless. If you are interested in reading more by Marian please visit the SoftServe United blog, where he is a frequent contributor.

Stories by Marian Mota

April 5th, 2016

4 Tips for Designing Apple Watch Apps

The global wearable technology marketplace is growing at a staggering rate, estimated to increase from $7.1 billion in 2015 to $12.6 billion by 2018. One of the hottest segments in that market is smartwatches. In the past year alone, smartwatch shipments have increased from 7.4 million units in 2014 to nearly 25 million units in…