Mark Richman

Mark Richman is an award-winning User Experience Consultant in the Atlanta area. He has designed applications and websites for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Georgia Power, Delta, AT&T and many other firms known primarily by their initials. He is also a songwriter and a recovering mainframe systems programmer.

Stories by Mark Richman

January 20th, 2015

Enhancing the Mind-Meld

A Case of UX Knowledge Transfer

Which version of the ‘suspended account’ dashboard page do you prefer? Version A       Version B     Perhaps you don’t really care. Each one gets the job done in a clear and obvious way. However, as the UX architect of the ‘overview’ page for a huge telecom leader, it was my job…

April 9th, 2013

The Shallow Dive

How to Survive When UX Meets Budget Cuts

At a recent job, my department faced large budget cuts. When the dust had cleared, I found I had become a UX group of one. This didn’t come with a corresponding slowdown in work – in fact, following a major rewrite of our call center application, our department was already struggling to keep pace with…