Milissa Tarquini

Milissa Tarquini is Director, User Interface Design and Information Architecture at AOL. An AOL veteran since 1995, she has been an integral part of creating the AOL legacy of designing easy-to-use software and content areas. She vaguely remembers her previous life as a graphic designer. She graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor’s degree from a whirlwind triple major of CompSci, Human Factors, and Fine Art. Her parents still can't believe their luck that the education they paid for has real application to her everyday work. Milissa lives in Montclair NJ, and if she is not at the AOL NYC offices trying to slash meaningless features from products, you can find her with her husband chasing their toddler-aged daughter, Isobel.

Stories by Milissa Tarquini

The need to cram as much into the top few inches of any interface has become nearly branded on the design psyche over the years. Milissa Tarquini considers how the myth of the fold does everyone involved a great disservice.