Peter Jones

Peter is managing principal of Redesign Research, a consulting practice for information product design, independent research and innovation strategy, located in Dayton and Toronto. As a consultant, Peter organizes and conducts field, cognitive, and usability research on information practices (or knowledge work that uses and transforms information artifacts). Most of his design work is for information services for professional practices, such as medicine, law, research, or business. Dr. Jones is also managing partner of Dialogic Design International, which has developed and facilitates an integrated problem solving process called Structured Dialogic Design. SDD is a revitalized adaptation of the venerable Interactive Management process used for engaging mixed-stakeholder groups in participatory redesign for solutions to wicked sociotechnical problems, social change, and complex systems.

Stories by Peter Jones

March 27th, 2008

We Tried To Warn You, Part 2

Failure is a matter of timing

Some failure allows organizations to learn and grow; others times it can be catastrophic. In Part 2 of his series, Peter Jones explores timing dynamics of large projects and alternatives to the framing of UX roles and organizations today.

March 20th, 2008

We Tried To Warn You, Part 1

The organizational architecture of failure

Some failure allows complex organizations to learn and grow; others can be catastrophic. Peter Jones explores
how, as designers, we have a
responsibility to detect and assess
the potential for large-scale failure.
How can we help stop the train?