Robert Hoekman Jr

Robert Hoekman, Jr, is the author of Designing the Obvious (New Riders), Designing the Moment (New Riders), and Web Anatomy (New Riders, coauthored by Jared Spool). He is the founder of user experience strategy and design firm Miskeeto. Robert has worked with Adobe, Dodge, American Heart Association, Automattic, and countless others, and has spoken at industry events worldwide, including SXSW, An Event Apart, and Web App Summit. Learn more about Robert at He is @rhjr on Twitter.

Stories by Robert Hoekman Jr

Parental advisory for strong language, guru deflating and semantics.    A couple of years ago, I was asked to speak about “design thinking” at a web conference. The conference-speaking part was nothing new, but the topic certainly was. With the “design thinking” wave having just recently peaked, I had yet to even come up with…