Tal Bloom

Tal has been working in the digital and consulting spaces since 2001 under such titles as experience designer, information architect and business analyst. He has a passion for creating elegant solutions to complex business problems. With unwavering ethical integrity and using purpose as a guiding light, he’s consistently helped the people and businesses with whom he engages embrace change and grow in healthy and sustainable ways. In 2007 he embarked on becoming observant in chassidic orthodox Judaism and became steeped in the Jewish mystical tradition. Before then he was trained in many modalities of healing, performed extensive research into the spectrum of philosophies and psychology, and graduated with first class honours from his engineering degree, in which he learnt advanced science. He believes deeply in the human-centred approach, finds working with empathy meaningful and cherishes seeing his peers and clients happy :-)

Stories by Tal Bloom

The Jewish Torah teaches that the Creator created our world through ten utterances–for example, “let there be light.” The Jewish mystical tradition explains that these utterances correspond with ten stages in the process of creation. Every creative process in the world ultimately follows this progression, because it is really a part of the continual unfolding…