Victor Lombardi

A passionate innovator and systems thinker, Victor collaborates with clients to model and demonstrate new strategic product development and management approaches. Drawing from extensive experience in the consulting, information architecture and IT industries, he brings his clients an integrated view of people, information, technology and strategy. Prior to founding MIG, Victor worked in information technology, building systems at the Boston Consulting Group, DDB Needham and others. After transitioning into digital media design he engaged in user research and product design while managing departments and project teams. He has advised and mentored executives and teams on marketing, systems design, process definition and development, and operating strategy at a number of companies, including the Ford Motor Company, J.P. Morgan, Verizon, Office Depot, Sharp Electronics and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Victor speaks and writes frequently on the need for more empathic and integrated views on management. He lives in New York City, and makes an almost perfect cup of espresso.

Stories by Victor Lombardi