January 2nd, 2007

The Line Between Clarity and Chaos

An Interview with Barry Schwartz

Life is full of choices, and making these choices seems more difficult each day. Boxes and Arrows interviews Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice, to dig into these decisions—when we make them and when we don’t.

January 16th, 2006

Lou Rosenfeld Eats his own Dog Food

Book Publishing as a Design Challenge

What does the publishing industry have in common with your 10 am design review with the client? More than you might think. Louis Rosenfeld reveals that the process of becoming a publisher is much like a product development process.

In April 2004, Boxes and Arrows sent a set of questions to Steve Krug for an interview to be published in the June edition. What we didn’t know at the time was that Steve is a notoriously slow and methodical writer. Eleven months later, to our great delight, this interview turned up. Thanks Steve!

December 11th, 2003

The Visual Vocabulary Three Years Later: An Interview with Jesse James Garrett

In October 2000, Jesse James Garrett introduced a site architecture documentation standard called the Visual Vocabulary. Since then, it has become widely adopted among information architects and user experience professionals.

Boxes and Arrows contributing writer Steve MacLaughlin caught up with author Virginia Postrel to get her thoughts on the age of aesthetics and what it means for design professionals. Postrel’s new book, The Substance of Style, explores the economic, cultural, social, personal, and political implications of the growing importance of aesthetics in business and society.

October 27th, 2002

Talking with Jesse James Garrett

Upon publication of his new book, “The Elements of User Experience”, Boxes and Arrows talks to the author, Jesse James Garrett, to discover how the diagram evolved into the book, why he only wears black and how his work as an information architect has evolved.

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