7 thoughts on “Communicating Complex Ideas”

  1. Fascinating, although I would have preferred a better choice of title for this article because at first I thought it was going to use prediction markets as a example of how to simplify complex ideas in general. Instead it’s about how to simplify complex ideas in prediction markets. Never mind, fun read, who cares.

  2. Interesting article. The HedgeStreet Trading Tool screenshot seems to be pointing to the wrong image.

  3. Great article, as the IA at PROTRADE I can definitely attest to the validity of the issues you raised. The issue about following the stock market metaphor is an interesting one and one that sometimes conflicts with the simplify one. Do you use the exact stock terms even though most users will not understand them or do you come up with a more description term but then potentially confuse the users who do understand the stock market based term. I’d love to hear more comments you may have had about PROTRADE you can email me at nhoh (at) protrade.com.

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. This is a great area of study, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  5. Great review of the book and the concept. Even better would be an additional explanation that this is the newest of technology frontiers for the market or design researcher. Using predictive markets can provide incentive driven feedback for products and services – often with more accuracy than surveys and interviews. It can also be very effective at drawing tacit knowledge from an engaged sales force or distribution personnel.

  6. Great article. Would be interesting to capture different personas and their perspectives – e.g. people who come from a trading background, versus people who come from a more mainstream (non-trading) background.

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