Boxes and Arrows is your peer-written journal. As such, community participation is critical to ensure that we can continue to publish inspiring and relevant content for the design communities of practice.

Articles published on Boxes and Arrows are seen by about 90,000 people each month and often appear very high on search results for relevant terms. In addition to reading and commenting on stories and ideas, you might consider these other ways to contribute. You decide how much time you want to spend.


You think about things and write down your thoughts, maybe posting them on a blog or expounding in online discussions. We can help you take those thoughts to the next level. What you write helps not only the current community, but also introduces new people to User Experience every day.

Pitch your ideas by sending a synopsis or draft of your article idea to comments at boxes and arrows dot com. The editorial staff selects ideas to become stories and finds you an editor to get the ball rolling.


Editors work with the authors to mold the raw materials into something beautiful. You find available stories that you find interesting, or see an author with whom you’d like to work. Sometimes you’re just polishing, and others you will help tease out the gold from the rock. Let us know you’re interested at comments at boxes and arrows dot com.

If you have questions or comments, find us at comments at boxes and arrows dot com or on Twitter @boxesandarrows.