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Boxes and Arrows has been publishing top quality articles on user experience issues for thirteen years, and has become one of the most visited and trusted sites for design professionals. Our audience includes senior practitioners and design managers, pundits and gurus. If you need to reach influencers, becoming a Boxes and Arrows sponsor is an easy and powerful way to do so. Contact us at sponsor at boxesandarrows.com to learn more.

Average monthly traffic statistics (6/2013 to 6/2014, via Google Analytics)
Google Analytics Stats: Jun 2013 to Jun 2014
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Boxes and Arrows has a different approach to sponsorship. Rather than covering the magazine with many advertisers who are then forced to fight with each other for attention, we limit the number of sponsors to 3-5 at $1K a month. If you wish to sponsor us for three months, the cost reduces to $2500.

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