Submission guidelines

Hooray! An editor has contacted you, and your story has been selected for publication. (If you haven’t submitted your story idea yet, you should do that first.) We would be very happy if you could use these guidelines when sending in your manuscript:

  • Stories should be about 1,500 words.
  • Stories must include a suggested title that can stand alone. You may also include a subtitle, but only if absolutely necessary to support the title.
  • Use subheaders to guide the reader throughout the story.
  • If possible include examples that illustrate your point. These can be illustrations, diagrams, screenshots, or even links to elsewhere on the web. Do not embed images in the manuscript. Include references for where the image should be displayed.
  • Write suggested captions and alt-tags for each image or example provided. Captions should explain your illustrations and screen captures, instead of merely providing a label. Please keep captions under 25 words.
  • Within the manuscript, refer to all images, tables, figures and examples. For example, “… see image 1.” It’s helpful if you can also refer to the image’s filename, “see image 1 (filename1.jpg) to avoid confusion when there are multiple images.
  • Show how your story relates to the rest of the design world’s theory, research, and opinion. Provide links to resources, articles, and/or books where readers can go to learn and explore more on the subject.
  • Please save text documents as either RTF (rich text format) or DOC (Microsoft Word format). Do not format your document! We’ve developed a house style and the editors will just reformat your document anyway.
  • Files should be named using lastname.doc and lastname_img1.jpg.
  • Include a file for the main text document and one for each image.
  • Zip or archive your files together before sending to your editor.
  • Include your name, address, email, and phone number. Obviously we won’t publish these, but it will help our editors contact you if need be.