IA Summit 2003: Sunday Photos by Erin Malone
Michael Magoolaghan Mark Bernstein Mark Bernstein The panel Jesse James Garrett
Jesse and Terry Audience Audience IA and UX Panel Earl Morrogh
Christina and Karl Fast Chris Fahey IMG 1159 5 Minute Madness
Steve Mulder Lou Rosenfeld George Olsen
John Zapolski Jesse James Garrett Chris Fahey Dan Willis
Jeff Lash James Spahr Gasp! An Academic Karl Fast
Meg Cole Christina Wodtke John Zapolski Peter Merholz Nick Finck
Adam Greenfield 5 Minute Madness Peter Van Dijk Mike Lee Lillian Svec
5 Minute Madness Rashmi Sinha Thomas Vander Wal Peter Morville Richard Hill
Christina Wodtke Back to the Summit Wrapup

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