Focus on Usage Maturity: Usage Maturity Matrix

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Usage Maturity Matrix for a CRM system

Functional priorities for:
Beginning usage maturityProficient usage maturityAdvanced Usage maturity
Sign in(Assumes all functional priorities of prior level)(Assumes all functional priorities of prior level)
Search for and find existing customerPlace customer into contact campaignLocate, merge and cull duplicate records
Add new customerTag customer record for search optimizationCreate campaigns for self and colleagues
Contact customer, update record w/ basic detailsLocate duplicate records determine recent/relevantDefine tags for campaign types and set up
Schedule next contactManage and proactively schedule contactsPlan and assign contacts for colleagues
Complete assigned or scheduled contacts
Customize contacts for customers preferences
Features to transition:
Beginning to intermediate usage maturityProficient to advanced usage maturityTo increase advanced usage maturity
Alert potential duplicate recordsSuggest merge or cull of duplicate recordsCampaign manager tool with duplication, editing and multi-assign functionality
Flag potential duplicates for follow-up, copy supervisorEasily undo merge or delete within set timeframeEasily re-assign contact to turning staff
Suggest follow-up contacts, as appropriate according to potential campaignSuggest campaign types or plans according to tag patternsTag tool editing and system-wide clean-up
Auto-assign follow-up task to tag recordAuto-remind to contact dormant contactsImmediately actionable team task dashboard
Auto-schedule supervisor check-insEasily set distant future follow-up on cold contactsOverview aging contacts, customized follow-up according to purchase history

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