Fran Diamond

is an experienced researcher, moderator and user-experience specialist. She develops and designs customized experience-research projects through her company Firstwater, which she founded in 1999. She applies both qualitative and quantitative techniques that bring user insights into the development and design of Internet and web projects. With a background in traditional marketing and advertising as well as with digital solutions and technology, Fran bridges both online and offline marketing, communications and business strategy. Fran has a master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University. Fran can be reached at fran (at) .

Stories by Fran Diamond

As a specialist in the user, you gain knowledge through observation and direct questioning of individual users. Now, you can add to that insights gained from data pulled during their actions on the site. By looking at this information, you will get a fuller picture of user behavior, not in a lab, but in the true user environment.