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Boxes and Arrows is created through the donated volunteer efforts of its staff. We are so grateful for the time and effort people have volunteered in our 20+ year history. We are thankful for our contributing authors, and the collective knowledge built over the years. At this time, we aren’t able to offer any compensation to authors other than the adoring thanks of the staff and your peers.

Articles are jointly copyrighted. You have the right to republish your article in another journal, magazine or book; however, we ask for a one-week exclusive. In other words, if we publish your article here on the 1st, we ask that you not republish it elsewhere until the 8th. Boxes and Arrows might publish your articles in future printed “best of” annuals or collections developed online or in print. And we may also publish your post to our Medium publication. If we do, you will be contacted in advance, your permission will be requested, and any relevant legal and financial matters will be discussed at that time, although since Boxes and Arrows is a non-profit labor of love, we don’t expect to be profiting from such projects.

If your article is published first in Boxes and Arrows, then republished somewhere else, we would appreciate a recognition with the following:

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