Lee McCormack

copy editor, forged his communication and information-design Kung Fu in the fires of the daily newspaper biz, where he researched, wrote and rendered the core essences of pretty much everything you can imagine, from fuel cells to shattered fibias to the stock market to the locations of proposed Walmarts. For fun, Lee wrote newspaper and magazine stories about various scab-inducing outdoor sports.

Lee is currently the senior (and sole remaining) information architect/designer/copywriter at AltaVista. He loves the Internet because it adds a new dimension—interaction—to his work.

Lee graduated from Humboldt State University on the Redwood Coast of Northern California, where he majored in journalism and mountain biking. He makes use of the latter degree every chance he gets.

Stories by Lee McCormack

Maps are one of the most basic (and informative) infographics. The simple map. A rectangle with a few lines, some labels, and an X can impart what it would take hundreds of words to describe. Lee McCormack offers an insightful look into how to create a simple but informative infographic —the map.