Shawn Smith

is a Senior Information Architect at Avenue A | Razorfish. Previously, he managed a User Experience design team at Vodafone, where he was part of the team that created the first prototypes for Vodafone's mobile data services portal (Vodafone Live!). He also co-managed the development of Vodafone's first set of mobile interaction design guidelines for developers. Fun fact: He is Shawn Smith VII in the Internet Movie Database.

Stories by Shawn Smith

The emergence of a handful of popular mobile data services has changed the way we interact with our phones. Now, several technologies on the immediate horizon are about to change the way we (and our phones) interact with the world. Imagine…

The world of mobile phones is a jungle of technologies with few established standards that, in some ways, resembles the early days of personal computing. Here the author presents an impressionistic landscape of this world, a glimpse of the near future, and thoughts on what it might mean for IAs.