Adam Polansky

Adam Polansky is an experienced UX Director and Information Architect in both Web and Mobile. He led efforts for such companies as Travelocity, Dr Pepper, Radio City Entertainment, Starwood Hotels, Scholastic and Texas Instruments. He is a contributing author to “Usability Success Stories – How Organizations Improve By Making Easier-To-Use Software and Web Sites” - Gower Publishing, 2006 A member of the IA Institute, he is also involved with several UX professional organizations as an officer, mentor and storyteller.

Stories by Adam Polansky

July 10th, 2007

Faceted Feature Analysis

How To Use Bias To Get Unbiased Project Scope

Adam Polansky tells us about how “Faceted Feature Analysis” takes the subjective needs of stakeholders and blends them with objective constraints in a way that ensures all points of view are fairly considered.