Alexa Andrzejewski

Alexa Andrzejewski is an interaction designer for Adaptive Path. She is driven by the belief that improving even one person's life through attentive design can have far-reaching effects, a belief born from her experience designing complex interactive products for industries ranging from healthcare to finance. Before joining Adaptive Path, Alexa worked at the user-insight consultancy Lextant, where she walked in the shoes of nuclear pharmacists, technical support workers and insurance customers. By understanding and then designing for the different worlds of these users, she helped to develop successful products for clients including Nationwide, Cardinal Health, Johnson & Johnson, CheckFree and Hewlett-Packard. Alexa holds a B.S. in Visual Communication from The Ohio State University, where her information graphics work won awards from the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts. Alexa and her husband, a city planner, share a passion for bringing user experience awareness to environmental design, an interest she explores at length in her blog, This Place Is (

Stories by Alexa Andrzejewski

June 1st, 2008

Quick and Easy Flash Prototypes

Bring Your Wireframes to Life

Alexa Andrzejewski shares her quick yet powerful way for translating static screen designs (from wireframes to visual comps) into interactive prototypes using Flash. Only fairly basic ActionScript knowledge required.