Mia Northrop

Mia has over 10 years experience marketing and developing products and experiences for online businesses. She applies her passion for finding the sweet spot between user-centered design principles and business objectives to clients as diverse as Ford, Merrill Lynch, EMC and XM Satellite Radio. Prior to joining Avenue A Razorfish, Mia worked for a who’s who of Australian internet companies including Fairfax Digital, Sensis, CitySearch Australia and SEEK. Her research interests include how visceral video game designs can translate to web experiences, and how game design methodologies can inform other digital design processes.

Stories by Mia Northrop

August 7th, 2008

Your New Excuse to Get an Xbox

How UX professionals can learn from video game design

Games are fun and immersive, while websites, for the most part, are not. How do we get users to suspend disbelief on the web? Mia Northrup examines how some techniques for developing games can lead to better digital experiences.