David Bloxsom

On a slow summer day in 2001, Christina called David: "I've got this idea I'd like to talk out with you..." Several hours, a bottle of pinot gris, and a pair of sunburns later, Boxes and Arrows was born. David also had the unique privilege of serving as the IA for the world's first IA website. He's recently returned to the site in the capacity of general manager with a whole slew of to-do items and a passion to help Boxes and Arrows grow and thrive for another decade. David has spent 16 years working in design, production, IA/UX, and project management. During that time, he developed an integrated design and development process that focused on user-centred design and integrated the then-nascent field of information architecture. His most recent engagement was 12 years with an award-winning video streaming company where he focused on content strategy and worked with specialized taxonomies and controlled vocabularies. This work would become the basis for a presentation he gave at the 2014 IA Summit, "Designing for Villains." He's currently enjoying the wild world of freelancing.

Stories by David Bloxsom

December 23rd, 2014

Designing for Harmony

How Design-Driven Innovation Helped Intuit Get Its Groove Back

In 1982, Scott Cook was watching his wife sit at the kitchen table struggling to balance the family checkbook. Personal computers were just becoming popular and he had seen them transform work at Procter and Gamble; yet here was his wife fighting to do something challenging for humans but trivial for computers. In a flash…