Dirk Knemeyer

is the Chief Design Officer for Thread Inc. in Toledo, Ohio, where he is responsible for corporate design, vision setting, and strategic planning, as well as providing various Information Design services for key client projects. Previously a college professor and media personality, Dirk has designed a variety of brand experiences for corporations, including the leading North American manufacturer for the former Mannesmann AG, headquartered in Schwaig, Germany.

A self-described Designer and philosopher, Dirk is a frequently-requested speaker and has published numerous articles on topics including Design, philosophy, problem solving, and psycho-socio analysis. He is actively involved with the leadership of the International Institute for Information Design, and cultivates relationships with cross-disciplinary thought leaders in an effort to improve business, communication, and human experience on a paradigmatic level. More than 20 of his articles are available on the Thread website, and his personal website will debut in summer 2003 at www.knemeyer.com.

Stories by Dirk Knemeyer

There is not consensus on exactly what information design is. Definitions of the discipline from stakeholders who associate themselves with the field are consistent only in that they are typically high level, not very concrete and do not offer much in the way of direct practical application.