Dirk Knemeyer

Dirk Knemeyer is a social futurist and a founder of Involution Studios. He has provided consulting, design, and technology to some of the best companies in the world including Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, and Shutterfly. Dirk’s writings have been published in places like Business Week and Core77. He has keynoted conferences in Europe and the U.S. and spoken at venues like TEDx, Humanity+, and South by Southwest. Dirk has participated on 15 boards in industries including healthcare, publishing, and education. He holds a Master of Arts in Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from The University of Toledo.

Stories by Dirk Knemeyer

Why are you in UX? It probably isn’t to get rich. Yes, there is plenty of money in being a UX professional today. If you’re competent, you should be enjoying a very nice lifestyle. But we do this not for money–being on the business side would be far better at achieving that goal. We do…

There is not consensus on exactly what information design is. Definitions of the discipline from stakeholders who associate themselves with the field are consistent only in that they are typically high level, not very concrete and do not offer much in the way of direct practical application.