Jamie Owen

Jamie Owen is an eLearning Instructional Systems Specialist for the training arm of the Department of Veterans Affairs. His learning audience is comprised of medical practitioners and clinicians. In his current role, he serves as interaction designer, instructional designer, and web strategist. One notable tool he's created is a templatized system for helping SMEs chunk information so that it can be better articulated in web-based learning. He is also product manager for a decision branching tool called DecisionSim. Previously, Jamie worked for marchFIRST (USWeb/CKS) as an associate IA and interaction designer; for Ernst & Young as an interaction and graphic designer. Jamie's relevant background is in graphic design and education. He's keenly interested in the role of technology use in multicultural settings. He has his CUA credential from HFI; he is ABD in Instructional Technology at Kent State University. His website is www.jamieowen.info .

Stories by Jamie Owen

March 12th, 2009

Designing the Democratic

Thinking outside of our own cultural influences can strengthen our design decisions.

It is increasingly rare that our users are all from a single nation or culture. Jamie Owen talks about how our own cultures affect our design decisions.

March 20th, 2008

Cues, The Golden Retriever

How our natural responses to stimuli can inform the design process

Jamie Owen explores how we can best utilize cues in our work by understanding how memory, cognitive psychology, and multimedia research affect how information is encoded and retrieved.