Oded Napchi

has been a major force in the Israeli media industry for over ten years. After years of experience in traditional media as the manager of a major radio station, and of the Israeli Children Channel (Israel's most popular cable network), he played a pivotal role in broadening the horizons of traditional media companies and introducing "new media" concepts and practices. After founding Valis (later re-branded Axis), the world leader in mobile communities, and the first to introduce location-based communities, he is now working as a freelance consultant to television and new-media ventures.

Oded comes from a rich and extensive background in teen media. Prior to founding Valis, Oded managed Israel's second-most popular TV station, after previously founding and managing Israel's most popular teen radio station. Oded also founded what was at the time Israel's most successful online youth content and community site. Oded has also worked with MTV Europe and Benetton international.

Stories by Oded Napchi

As the field of information architecture matures, we are beginning to understand the new challenges it raises for wireless media. This article suggests that some of these challenges can be best addressed through an approach called “psychology-driven information architecture,” which bases design decisions and solutions on the psychological profile of the end user.