An Out of the Box Rebranding

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Just before the 2020 new year, we decided it was a good time to refresh the Boxes and Arrows brand identity, a time to start a fresh decade with a fresh logo. And, after a few weeks at the drawing board, we’re liking the results. 

To us, the new, dynamic, and pleasingly symmetrical icon—a box made of arrows—represents the emerging dimensions of information spaces, greater interconnected continuity between people, and an ever-expanding collection of knowledge which we hope to bring to our readers. 


During most of our careers in IA and UX, Boxes and Arrows has been there along the way, and we want to make this history of still relevant articles more navigable and easily shareable for connecting with others who have a more in-depth need in our daily professions. In this, the three arrows represent the portability, the shareability, and the potential in our content. We want B&A to be an accessible and social source for improving the world of design, and we think our new identity reflects how we intend to provide a history and a future for information and design professionals.

We wanted to bring the brand into the future, both symbolizing the depth of content in our 18-year history and expanding it to be more accessible and relevant. Boxes and Arrows has attracted, supported and reinforced the knowledge of information architects and experience designers (among many other titles) for many years and we plan to keep going. 

Returning to our roots, we now aim to even bring more experienced and professional approaches to the world of information spaces. Boxes and Arrows will continue to be written by new voices, industry experts and leaders, and will remain a free resource to anyone who wants to plan, organize, design, and build better experiences.

With this mission in mind, we feel that our new brand identity brings in some needed freshness, reflects on the large inventory of Boxes and Arrows content, and keeps us solidly in the line of thinking we always have been. 

Thank you, dear readers, for your neverending support. We hope you enjoy the new brand as much as we do. 

Clifton Evans

Clifton Evans

As well as being Editor in Chief here at Boxes and Arrows, Clifton is a User Experience Specialist and Researcher with almost 25 years of experience in our field, working as a research and design consultant for global companies, local governments, medium and small businesses in Europe and North America. Clifton was an early member of the User Experience, Information Architecture and Interaction Design communities in London, Vancouver, and Dublin, organising and presenting at many industry events, writing various articles and books, as well as researching topics from game design, data visualisation and gesture interactions to emotion tracking, AI and wearable devices. Clifton is currently researching toward a thesis on UX Cognition, and is often found consulting with clients on many diferent types of software design. Clifton's work can be found up on
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