Architecting Our Profession

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“…there is definitely not enough reliance on the information architect as a professional who can cope with the details and design challenges of creating a complex system, both for the process and for the interface.”

I would like to encourage the community to talk about the need for professional networks within the information architecture field, especially as it relates to creating successful software and information systems. And, I would like to compare our needs in the field of IA with the systems that have been used in other areas to determine if we can develop an appropriate support system in moving towards specialization in our profession.

The change within the interface design process over the past five to ten years has coincided with an increasing number of large companies refining an industrial style model of design instead of focusing on specialization or interaction sustainability through design accuracy. As a result of the overriding strategy, many smaller companies emulate the corporate model but find that it is indeed not sustainable; especially if they want to design appropriate interfaces and continue working within the respected boutique and agency models. This model of simply acquiring a larger IA strategy needs to change in order to give IA a place on the whole market and to allow professional networks to develop. Continue reading Architecting Our Profession

Exploring Content Filters

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What if I suggested a new way of navigating an online information space? What if it was something we’ve all seen before but just never thought to use? I’m talking about subtracting away information the user doesn’t want.

Content filtering is a much more natural way of sorting through categories, especially when the majority of your content is under more than one subject. Think of a web page that has the game results from every sports game on earth; this may be a huge page, but it is somewhat conceivable. Some people might even call it helpful. As interaction professionals, we might start to think about ways to navigate or sort through the information on that page. At this point, some of you are likely thinking it needs to be organized and others are thinking it should just be put into a database. Continue reading Exploring Content Filters