Users In The Development Cycle: Effective Project Communication

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What? Users in the development cycle? Blasphemy!

Is it? How many times have web and software developers had to cater to the whim of a client’s wish list at the last minute? How many times have project managers had to extend deadlines or budgets to include features to accommodate previously unmentioned functionality?

Users aren’t always available to provide feedback during development, so it’s the project manager’s responsibility to track down the necessary information and incorporate it into the project.Let’s say you are a project leader and tasked with implementing a large intranet-related project. No problem, right? It’s a project within your own company; you should be able to understand the basics and develop a workable solution…shouldn’t you? For months your team painstakingly maps out, designs, and codes a perfectly streamlined solution only to realize too late it lacks several secondary functionalities the users’ won’t touch the application without. Your project is pushed back, budgets are overrun and your effectiveness as a leader is in question. Users’ input in the development cycle is exactly what you were missing. Continue reading Users In The Development Cycle: Effective Project Communication