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Meeting new people and catching up with old friends is one of my favorite things about attending the IA Summits. The folks in this community are some of the smartest and most welcoming people I know! Alas, while concepts and practices can be clearly conveyed in publications such as Boxes and Arrows, it is very difficult to describe the people behind these ideas in a way that does them justice. Perhaps if they introduced themselves to you…

At the 2007 Summit in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to do a series of short (1-2 minute) video interviews with folks from the IA community. Everyone was asked the same three questions (or variations thereof):

  • What is your job title?
  • What does your day-to-day work look like?
  • Where is your career going / What does the future look like for your job?

The results showcase the variety of experiences that characterize the members of the IA/UX/IxD communities, and serve as a snapshot of various careers in our (still) emerging field.

We hope these videos inspire those of you who will be meeting us in Miami this week for the 2008 Summit, or, if you are not going this year, to consider it next year!

Thanks to everyone who agreed to be interviewed for this project.

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  1. Love it! This gets me even more excited to see everyone at the Summit tomorrow. Great job Jorge!

  2. Nice, very nice! I cannot only put a face on their names, now I can put a voice too. I have to attend one of these summits

  3. Great! Here is an idea… It would be great to have short videos like these for every presentation intro on the 2009 summit site. This really helps connecting names with faces, but also gives people a feeling of how well these individuals can communicate – which is a very important point when choosing what session to watch.

  4. Adriana, that is a fantastic idea! I will pass that onto the conference organizers. Thanks!

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