IA Summit 2008, Day 3

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The IA Summit was held in Miami, FL from April 10-14. Boxes and Arrows captured many of the main conference sessions (“see schedule”:http://iasummit.org/2008/sessioncal.html) starting on April 12.

“Day 1, April 12”:http://boxesandarrows.wpengine.com/view/ia-summit-2008-day-1 | “Day 2, April 13”:http://boxesandarrows.wpengine.com/view/ia-summit-2008-day-2 | Day 3, April 14

Podcasts will appear on this page as we produce them from the audio files so please check back regularly or subscribe to the iTunes feed below.

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Audiences & artifactsNathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis explores both the articles we produce and the audience we produce them for, revealing what works and what doesn’t. (published 04/25/08)


Data driven design research personasTodd Zaki Warfel
Todd Zaki Warfel engages his audience sharing new visualization techniques he has been using that have personas even more effective and valuable to the design process. (published 04/25/08)


Re-experiencing information: dealing with user-submitted dataLucas Pettinati
In this session, Lucas Pettinati, senior interaction designer at Yahoo! draws from his personal experiences in redesigning the Yahoo! registration and account recovery systems. (published 04/27/08)


Information Horizons: Proposing an alternate approach to assessing website architectureAnindita Paul, Sanda Erdelez (Kyungsun Park unable to attend)
Anindita and Sanda report the use of Sonnenwald’s Information Horizon’s (IH) framework for assessing a website architecture based on Morville and Rosenfeld’s components of website architecture – organization, labeling, navigation and searching information (published 04/30/08)


Good News on your Cell Phone: Optimizing the UXJorgen Dalen and Tone Terum
Jorgen Dalen and Tone Terum talk about the challenges involved when transferring content from one media to another; how to create good user experinces in different media within mobile UI; and the diverse user behavior of cellular phones in Europe, the US, and Asia.(published 04/30/08)


IA for Tiny Stuff: Exploring Widgets and GadgetsMartin Belam
Martin Belam examines what makes a successful widget from an information delivery point of view. As well Martin looks at how informations professionals can help develop more playful ways of representing and structuring the information presented.
(published 05/07/08)


Designing with Patterns in the Real WorldChristian Crumlish and Austin Govella
Yahoo!s’ Christian Crumlish and Comcasts’ Austin Govella share case studies that illustrate ways pattern libraries can both aid and stifle innovation, how they help solve real-world web design problems, and how they support rapid production of common IA Deliverables. (published 04/80/08)


Checking the feel of your UI with an interaction auditPeter Stahl and Josh Damon Williams
Peter Stahl and Josh Damon Williams show how to evaluate consistency of your site’s “feel”. Using a recent audit of the interaction design of a major web site as an example they discuss how to collect and catalog the variety of interactions users encounter.(published 06/07/08)


Embodying IA: Incorporating library 2.0 and experience integration concepts in
a small public library renovation
Michael Magoolaghan
Michael Magoolaghan describes one IA’s volunteer efforts to revitalize a small public library’s website and bring a user-centered focus to its building renovation efforts through working with blueprints, photos and architectural renderings and others within and outside of the library. (published 06/07/08)


Thanks to Jeff Parks, Jackie Wu, and Kit Seeborg of the B&A/V Podcast team for working their hearts out, as well as ASIS&T and the IA Summit organizers for their support.


  1. Are there any plans to post the presentations from these talks online somewhere? For example, I’d love to be able to actually SEE some of the visualizations that Todd Warfel describes in the podcast.

    Regardless, thanks for the podcasts – these are great for those of us who would have liked to attend the conference, but couldn’t swing it.

  2. Terry,

    Several of the presentations can be found on the IA Summit site http://iasummit.org/2008/conference.html You can also see a couple of slide share links on day one and day two, for example, where presenters have added audio to their presentations.

    Happy to hear you’re enjoying the shows; ideas or feedback for future events are most welcome.


  3. By when do you expect to have all the podcasts posted?

    I attended several panels that were taped, but whose podcasts I still haven’t seen.

  4. Where is the boxesANDarrows RSS podcast XML file? None of the RSS feeds have podcasts!


  5. Hi tOM,

    The padcast feed is in iTunes (see the link near the top of the page). We don’t have an RSS feed for the podcast category at this time. Hope that helps.

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