The Past and Future of Boxes and Arrows

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Podcast Summary

In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down in New Orleans at the 2012 Information Architecture Summit with Christina Wodtke (@cwodtke), the founder of Boxes and Christina shares a bit of the history and future of the web magazine that has supported both the people and ideas that have played a key role in the continuing growth and evolution of the IA discipline.

Her key message is that designers need to get their ideas out there.

“You know what really terrifies me? That so few people actually write about what they are doing. There’s so much intelligence lying around out there and not getting out. I just want to find a way to get these folks in front of the people that need to hear them.”


Pitch in on B&A

In that spirit, Boxes and Arrows seeks editors and writers. Participate!


Thanks to Vitamin Talent and Morgan Kaufmann’s It’s Our Research for sponsoring this podcast.

And thanks to ASIS&T for their support of the IA Summit and this podcast.

Jeff Parks

Jeff Parks parlayed his work in behavioural and cognitive psychology into one of today’s most recognized names in UX as a result of his trailblazing podcast on Boxes and Arrows. He is an international keynote speaker, a frequent guest lecturer, a business coach and mentor, and a tireless advocate of the patient-experience to quality healthcare. Jeff was a senior advisor in developing Central Europe’s largest UX conference, now run by Deloitte Digital and, through his former training company, Follow The UX Leader, he has inspired a new generation of UX professionals from Boeing to Zappos.
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