Black Lives Matter

We are a community

Message from the publishers

As a native Texan in the Pacific Northwest, and a transplant Texan from Southern California, we are very aware of the significance of today’s date: Juneteenth. And we celebrate its significance and reflect on what it means to us. We’re left asking ourselves how we can be better allies. We know we haven’t done enough. We are educating ourselves on how to do more.

Boxes and Arrows has always been a platform for community.  We are a Latinx owned, volunteer run publication, and we stand with the community in proclaiming loudly that Black Lives Matter. Over the past three weeks we have watched events unfold showing the effects of systemic racism and police brutality. It is difficult. It is emotional. We are deeply affected. We’ve huddled closely to our families, and marched beside members of our communities to send a clear message that change must happen now.

 We believe in community. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe that the power of design in the hands of empathetic creatives can and must be used for good. 

We are committed to making sure that Boxes and Arrows is a place to share ideas and make voices heard.

We continually seek diverse authors, who can share their voice, experience, values and cultural perspective, so that we may all learn from each other and in doing so show our support for each other. If you know (or are) an author whose voice can benefit our community by sharing your unique perspective, please encourage them to reach out to us, or send us a message and let us know to reach out to them.

We are bonded in our love for design. Let’s strengthen that bond in showing our love for each other.

Your sister and brother in design,
Amy & Frank

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash