Andres Zapata

Andres has both a practical and academic cross-disciplinary approach to communications design. Regardless of how a solution is expressed (IA, UX or ID), Andres believes that at the end of the day, what we are really trying to do is find the best possible way to communicate – to connect. Andres has been communicating and connecting organizations to their constituents for close to ten years. Currently, Andres finds himself leading the user experience “wing” of idfive, LLC, a Baltimore based strategic communications design firm. Visit our blog:

Stories by Andres Zapata

May 10th, 2006

The Guided Wireframe Narrative for Rich Internet Applications

Case Study: Prototyping Complex Interactions

Wireframes. We’ve all done them. We’ve all had to make sure our clients look at placement, labels, flow, and real estate distribution–but ignore color and design at all costs because, after all, they are wireframes.

AJAX, Laszlo, Flex, and other technologies and techniques that enhance usability challenge the way we think as architects but, more importantly, they also put a larger demand on our deliverables.