Chad Thornton

works as a Usability Specialist in the User Experience Group at Intuit. He does user research, usability testing, and interaction design, spending too much time on software and websites that start with "Quick". He has done similar work at Achieva, the American Museum of Natural History, and Pomona College, where he received his degree in Biology.

In his spare time, Chad maintains a weblog called Brightly Colored Food. During his youth he was a guitarist in a big band and a fisherman in Baja, but he's considerably less exciting these days. He currently lives in San Francisco, where he's mistaken for an employee in local bookstores and eats platanos fritos y casamiento like it's going out of style.

Stories by Chad Thornton

Jakob Nielsen has brought usability to the attention of the general public, but within the user experience community he’s been criticized by those who say he emphasizes a view that excludes other dimensions of user experience. So is he the defender of ease-of-use or the enemy of creativity?