Frances Forman

Frances is a customer experience researcher and helps plan websites. Previously she has led information architecture projects for public sector, academic and commercial clients, working as a senior usability analyst andd user experience manager. She has solved problems for merging organisations, international companies with multiple sites, educational sites and local authorities. She has eight years experience of commercial research and design projects spanning small medium and very large organisations. Starting out as a consumer scientist for Unilever Research, Frances's first step into commercial usability testing was an evaluation of viral marketing websites for the Lynx (Axe) brand, including a set of virtual mixing decks. Her current interests include IA and accessibility, enabling tools on the web (maps, data mash ups, new communication channels..) and new ways to find people the music they most want to listen to.

Stories by Frances Forman

Accessible information architecture builds a bridge between planning, design, and development. Frances Forman gives us a place to start thinking more deeply about how information can be structured and transformed to make user interaction more flexible for everyone.