Jeff Gothelf

is a Senior Information Architect at Braun Consulting’s Boston office. He has been practicing web design and information architecture since the mid-90s in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. His career has spanned a multitude of industries including retail, financial services, and pharmaceutical. While the majority of his work has focused on the web and its many applications, his ultimate goal in life is to create the world's most beautiful and usable toaster (one that would make Don Norman proud). When he’s not playing music he keeps tabs of his thoughts at Scattered, Smothered and Covered.

Stories by Jeff Gothelf

Design organizations inevitably run across the debate of Visio versus HTML wireframes. The decision for one over the other is never a clear-cut one since, as with all things IA-related, it depends. This article seeks to sort out the issues by describing the pros and cons of each and identifying situations where one may be more effective than the other.