Max Lord

Max Lord is a Boston-based designer and musician. Since graduating from MIT in 1995, he has interleaved enterprise-sized web projects for household names with independent music and sound-art experiments. At Berklee College of Music, he was instrumental (ba-da-chinzzz!) in launching the first online music school, He is now part of LocaModa, the mobile technology start-up that's bringing Wiffiti into the world. His personal site is at Wire Sounds.

Stories by Max Lord

When Google talks, people listen. Designer Leland Rechis presented the inside scoop on Google Mobile to a packed house in New York last month, and Max Lord was there to pan for nuggets. After polishing them up a bit, he now shares them with us.

We spend a lot of time talking about the visual identity of a project, but who thinks about its audible identity? Do we need to consider it at all? By learning to consider audio as an important design parameter, we just might learn something…