Russ Unger

Russ has been working on websites since 1993—when there was only Notepad to code with and Mosaic was the only browser around. That was when he found his interest in User Experience Design and Information Architecture began to flourish. Since then, he has worked with a number of major brands, as well as on large scale Intranet and Extranet applications, biometric (fingerprint reader) applications and has worked creating interfaces for mobile applications He has also taught courses in Web and Interactive/Flash Design. Russ tries to actively blog on topics in User Experience Design at UserGlue UserBlog ( Russ is co-author of the book "A Project Guide to UX Design" with Carolyn Chandler for Peachpit Press.

Stories by Russ Unger

September 4th, 2008

IDEA 2008: An Interview with David Armano

David Armano is a macro-interactive name in a micro-interaction world. As interactions get smaller and more focused, experiences become bigger and broader. David is here to shepherd the way to the promised land.

August 28th, 2008

IDEA 2008: An Interview with Andrew Hinton

We all need context to better understand how to react to environments. Andrew Hinton thinks deeply about how context pertains to a world where architecture is
not made of tangible objects. He shares some of these thoughts with Russ Unger.