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The staff of Boxes and Arrows is all volunteer, and all working professional designers, information architects, interaction designers, information designers, and more!

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January 5th, 2008

Our Way: The Ingenuity of Unintended Uses

A little wisdom for the New Year

People utilize our designs in their own way. These unintended uses can be strange, even brilliant. To welcome 2008, the B&A Staff tells a few stories about how we misuse for our own devices.

Though a possibly rewarding journey, starting a UX process can be a nightmare if approached from the wrong angle. Initiating a culture-shift, overhauling existing processes, evangelizing, strategizing, and educating is an enormous undertaking. Amy Hillman offers her perspective on how to build a UX process, from the ground up.

April 19th, 2006

Learning, Doing, Selling: 2006 IA Summit Wrapup: Overview and Pre-conference sessions

The annual IA Summit turned seven this year in Vancouver, and old-timers and first-timers (in just about equal parts) turned up to hear and be heard on topics of tagging, social systems, business strategy, and of course wireframes. Oh, and even more tagging.

In April 2004, Boxes and Arrows sent a set of questions to Steve Krug for an interview to be published in the June edition. What we didn’t know at the time was that Steve is a notoriously slow and methodical writer. Eleven months later, to our great delight, this interview turned up. Thanks Steve!

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