Uday Gajendar

Uday Gajendar is a UI designer at Involution Studios, a digital design firm in Silicon Valley. Having worked at Oracle, Adobe, and frog, his repertoire includes enterprise apps, creative tools, and consumer concepts. He has spoken about design issues for DMI, IDSA, and the IA Summit. Most recently Uday published a chapter for the book "Thoughts on Interaction Design". Uday earned a Master's in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon after completing a BFA in Industrial Design at the University of Michigan. He also studied at RISD and University of Texas in Austin.

Stories by Uday Gajendar

June 5th, 2007

What Does Rich Mean?

A Deeper Look at the Rich Experience

Amid the hype of Web 2.0, “rich” has become a prime buzzword. Using the concepts of Classical rhetoric as a framework, Uday Gajendar looks to transcend the hype and dig into the value of richness for digital products.