Zef Fugaz

I AIM TO MAKE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BETTER FOR CONSUMERS, FOR BUSINESS, FOR SOCIETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT Zef is working towards designing for the ‘elimination of mice’ so in future his kids can just wink, shout or wave their hands around to do neat stuff online. With a background in writing, television, radio and music Zef’s focus is ‘experience design’, which encapsulates strategy, user research, interaction design and information architecture. Zef has well over a decade of experience developing new products, services, and user experiences for the web, desktop and devices. He has presented, and conducted workshops at conferences such as Webstock, Kiwi Foo Camp, ALGIM and GOVIS. His work has won a number of international awards including the prestigious NN/G Intranet Award (2008). He has featured in Computerworld, Unlimited, Boxes and Arrows and Pavement Magazine. Outside of work Zef runs a small record label and is working on ideas for social innovations using internet technology and social networks. Blog: www.zefamedia.com Twitter: @zefamedia

Stories by Zef Fugaz