February 13th, 2006

An Open-Source Conference: BarCamp

Where Participants are Part of the Program

The BarCamp “un-conference” recently held in New York City featured presenters as participants and participants as planners. This community-developed event provided the opportunity for open-source supporters to share their newest ideas as well as float in-progress concepts. Read more about this unconventional approach to bringing together people and ideas.

The European IA Summit 2005 offered an outstanding line-up of speakers. Couldn’t make it? Find out when happened. In this article, Deborah Gover reviews some of the program highlights.

October 15th, 2005

New Challenges Retreat: ideas, discussion, and a call to action

Enterprise information architecture, cross-cultural issues, user experiences for complex systems, oh my: a review of this year’s IA Retreat: “New Challenges in Information Architecture.” The future is here.

Can project management be an art? Has Berkun truly created a jargon-free guide for the whole project team? Kalbach leads us through the high-level tasks and the major milestones of this new book, while keeping us on task.

For a while we at B&A have been feeling unsatisfied with our software and website. It was perfect when we were young turks, but now that we have a larger body of articles, increasingly richer material, and a growing audience, we know we need something different, something that will tell the world we are a magazine on the rise.

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