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Written by: Jeff Parks


Adaptive Path’s “MX San Francisco”:http://www.adaptivepath.com/events/2008/apr/: Managing Experience through Creative Leadership took place in San Francisco between April 20-22. The conference focused on helping managers and designers deal with the complexity, challenges, and opportunities that make every day so entertaining.

Jeff Parks and Chris Baum sat down with several of the conference speakers and organizers to further examine the issues that the sessions revealed.

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Creating the Next iPodCordell Ratzlaff
I had the pleasure of speaking with Cordell Ratzlaff about his presentation “Creating the next iPod”. Cordell is leading product design for Cisco’s voice, video, and web collaboration products. We discuss the necessity of creating a great corporate culture in order to create great products.

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Interactions and RelationshipsRichard Anderson
Chris Baum, editor-in-chief for Boxes and Arrows sits down with editor-in-chief for Interactions Magazine, Richard Anderson at MX San Francisco to discuss the different techniques, and skill sets it takes to develop and publish to the IA and UX communities.

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New Interactions: Enlightened Trial and ErrorBjörn Hartmann
Björn Hartmann and I discuss his presentation entitled New Interactions: Enlightened Trial And Error. and how he is leading work in design tools for pervasive computing, sensor based interactions, and design by modifications. Björn is a PhD candidate in Human Computer Interaction at Stanford University and Editor-in-Chief of Ambidextrous magazine, Stanford’s Journal of Design.

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Chocolate and User ExperienceMichael Recchiuti
Michael Recchiuti talks about the experience of making chocolate and how different flavors inspire new creations for the business and his customers. Looking at different professions outside of the web world in which most UX practitioners work can inspire innovation and creativity.

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Round Table Discussion with Adaptive Path and Boxes and ArrowsChris Baum, Brandon Schauer, Sarah Nelson, Henning Fischer, and Ryan Freitas
We start with a mash-up of these brief interviews followed by a round table discussion with editor-in-cheif at Boxes and Arrows Chris Baum, and four members of the Adaptive Path team including Brandon Schauer, Henning Fischer, Sarah Nelson, and Ryan Freitas about these comments and their own impressions of MX.

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Thanks to “Adaptive Path”:http://www.adaptivepath.com/ for sponsoring these podcasts.

Jeff Parks

Jeff Parks is the Podcast Editor for Boxes and Arrows and the co-founder of DIGIA UX Inc. in Ottawa Canada. Jeff has over fifteen years experience in the Government, Non-Profit, and Private Sectors creating goal-oriented solutions as an Information Architect, team leader, and project manager. These experiences have lead to successful delivery of projects in the Health Care and Information Technology industries including the development of information architectures, enterprise portal frameworks, e-Learning programs, cognitive rehabilitation systems, and corporate wide strategic frameworks. Jeff presented at the 2010 IA Summit in Denver and was the Closing Keynote at the 2012 Polish IA Summit in Warsaw Poland. He currently leads workshops on User Experience and Information Architecture @followuxleader
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